Zingtree: Landing Page

Jun 2020

Zingtree allows you to create, deploy & analyze interactive decision trees and plug-and-play guides that live on your website, and agent call scripts that keep teams productive and customers happy. Zingtree helps mid-market & enterprise companies standardize procedures and get actionable data to empower their users to follow standard operating procedures. Zingtree users are able to identify customer issues and get results quickly, creating a world-class user experience and saving time and money. 

Time Description
0:04 Header section
0:21 Hero banner
0:48 Featured Companies
1:06 Easily publish your own troubleshooters and process guides
1:19 What Can Zingtree Do for your Business?
2:01 Zingtree Ready-Made Resources for COVID-19
2:13 Play landing page video
2:50 Zingtree Solutions
3:09 Tools section
3:31 Testimonials section
4:09 Integrated Apps
4:29 Section containing CTA (call to action) button
4:41 Footer section
4:57 Chat Bot section

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