RecRight: Landing Page

Jun 2020

RecRight is a leading Nordic video recruitment tool providing an intuitive, flexible and user-friendly software to fulfill HR professionals' most demanding needs. Video interviews are best used in the first interview round to gain insights and identify the right candidates making the whole recruitment process more efficient. RecRight also includes a handy Applicant Tracking System so that you can forget using your email inbox to manage applications. It's mobile friendly and no apps are needed! 

Time Description
0:03 Header section
0:17 Hero banner
0:38 Featured Companies
0:47 Steps in hiring the right candidates
1:08 Our recruitment solutions
1:27 Meet the real person behind the resume
1:43 Find the right people faster
1:54 Simplify your recruitment process
2:08 Mobile friendly
2:20 Available in 25 languages
2:38 Section containing CTA (call to action) button
2:47 Footer section

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