LandlordStudio Dashboard Overview

This blog is the Landlord Studio dashboard overview. The primary features of the software are focused on financial management. Landlord Studio allows you to monitor and manage your income and expenses at the organization, property, and rental unit level. You can scan paper receipts, integrate your bank accounts, and generate tax reports, particularly Schedule E or Form 1040. Moreover, Landlord Studio is built with a dashboard to track your rental property portfolio's financial performance in real-time.

What is Landlord Studio?

LandlordStudio is a property management app for iOS, Android, and Desktop. 

According to their website, LandlordStudio gives you the accounting and property management tools you need to save time and money while managing your rentals. I’ve researched on Crunchbase, LandlordStudio is a startup which started in 2016 in Los Angeles, California. Even though they are still a startup, LandlordStudio is rated 4.8 out of 5 in Capterra. Amazing!

LandlordStudio Dashboard

In this blog, we are gonna tackle the LandlordStudio dashboard. 

After you sign-in, the first page you'll see is the LandlordStudio dashboard. Let’s first run through the different sections of the dashboard.

Let’s start with this row

First Row

In this row, you’ll see the sections:
  • Overdue Expenses
  • Upcoming Expenses
  • Upcoming Rent
  • Overdue Rent

Let’s move on to this row

Second Row

In this row, you’ll see these sections:
  • The Property Portfolio section contains the Current Valuation and Purchase Price.
  • The Occupancy section shows use the number of tenanted and untenanted properties.
  • And the Rent Collected section which shows:
    • the ‘Outstanding’ rent for the current month
    • And the total due
    • The Collected rent

Cashflow Section

In this row, you’ll see the Cashflow section

Cashflow Section

This section is interactive, you can set the change the “Start Date” and “End Date”. This will update the cash flow bar chart. It will also show you the incoming and outgoing cash flow for the specified time period.

Filter Section

On this page, you’ll see the Filters section.

Filter Section

You can use this section to filter three “categories” for your dashboard. 

There are three categories you can filter the dashboard. 
  • Payment Categories
  • Expense Categories
  • Properties

Filtering the dashboard

When filtering 1 property on the dashboard it will update the other sections of the dashboard.


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