Design Thinking vs. Agile Sprints vs. Design Sprints

What's the difference between design thinking, design sprints, and agile sprints. Some combination of this always comes up.

Design Sprints and Agile Sprints

Design Sprints are a step by step system for solving big problems as a team. A team comes together. They don't know what product they want to make yet and have some ideas, but they still haven't validated whether anybody wants it. It's a step-by-step system that allows a team to solve big problems and have a prototype to test with real users at the end of the week. The Design Sprint is a system for essentially coming up with ideas and validating ideas.

Agile Sprints have nothing to do with that. The name makes them a bit tricky, but agile sprints are essentially a company's system for getting things developed. If you would finish a design sprint and you have all of your screens and everything ready, and you're saying this is what we want to do, this is the app we want to make this is how it's supposed to look, and we want to make an early version of this app. Then if your company is running an agile system within your company. Agile development from the design sprint gets handed over to the developers or the product team and entered into the backlog. So broken up into smaller pieces and prioritized and agile is essentially a system for getting that executed. Hence, an agile process within a company is basically that the developers themselves work in Sprints. Many companies have their way of doing that. It's often two weeks, and essentially, that means they're going to work on a specific part of the app for two weeks and work on actually getting
that finished.

Agile Sprints are for executing the work done after something is valid, and the Design Sprint is something for validating ideas. They're not related at all. It's just that the word sprint was taken from agile sprints and put into design Sprint's to make it sound more relaxed. The difference between these two is noticeable. For validating and creating new product ideas, and this is for actually executing and making the product. There's no like creativity built into this part. After statements have been generated, and things have to put into the backlog. Agile is more of executing and creating software, whereas design sprints are more about taking an idea to something a bit more tangible and validating it. 

Design Sprints are about validating; let's say, product ideas. Agile Sprints are for executing, developing the software. A design sprint would come before the agile Sprint.

Design Thinking and Design Sprints

The difference between design thinking and design sprints is the design sprint is a very strict step-by-step recipe for validating product ideas. Whereas Design Thinking is a more open process, with lots of different exercises, and you can try a mindset and a philosophy. Understanding the user and working from a user-centered perspective. The Design Sprint the philosophies of design thinking and turns it into a recipe. One way of thinking about it is that design thinking is like an OS, like Mac OS or iOS. It's the system, and Sprint's design is an app for executing one particular thing out of that. Design sprints are a recipe that is an applied execution of design thinking.

That's a simple way of looking at the difference between Design Thinking Design sprints and Agile Sprints. Your operating system is like all the things you can do and all the things you can pull. If you want to get the user perspective on a problem, even helping you find the problem design sprints are a recipe that enables you to validate whether some ideas are right or wrong and also helps you come up with ideas. Agile Sprints are, once you're ready to execute and create something within a company. These things are not related, but generally, this will come after this. 


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